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how to tile a shower wall and floor

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how to tile a shower wall and floor

© 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Your email address will not be published. Start by setting a piece of the floor tile next to the 3-piece drain and then screw the drain down until it’s level with the tile. Use wire cutters if you find a metal mesh layer behind the backer board. How to Tile a Shower Wall ​1. Pro-Tip: Leave a very small joint between the tile and the shower pan. In terms of the best places to find shower wall and floor tile for your project, the options are many. There should be no visible gap between the two. Then, take that tile, apply some solution (moderate amount) on it (or onto the wall) with a notched trowel and attach it to the wall on the designated spot. The darker backdrop of the wall tile would help make anything in the foreground stand out against it as a support against the lighter floor tile. Smaller tiles are more often used for shower floors since grout lines provide better traction and prevent slips, while larger tiles are used more frequently used for shower walls since they make cleaning simpler and smaller spaces seem larger. Once the second coat is dry, this will be fully waterproof and ready to tile onto. Grout Tile Then use your spirit level to draw a horizontal line, known as a “datum line”, at that height all the way around the room. As you work toward the walls, you may not be able to use a perfect number of tiles. You may also need to make cuts for tiles that sit around toilets and other rounded objects in the floor. Let the compound dry for 10 minutes then wipe away excess with a damp sponge, being careful not to wipe it out of the joints. Now, you have to make the base for the tile nice and even. Keep in mind that shower floor tiles need to be a specific rating. The one thing flooring contractors suggest is that you should choose a starting point wisely, as you can’t step onto the ‘wet’ tiles. Once you have acquired the skills to tile a shower, upgrade your kitchen backsplash or install new kitchen floor tiles. ", Step 5: Obviously, you have to start with completely blank walls without no tile or anything. Same Color, Different Tiles. Cut tiles with a tile cutter or wet saw, if necessary, to fit along the wall. The reason being, it doesn’t matter much is it’s slip resistant since you aren’t on it! I’d love to have this shower in my house!!! ", Step 6: Grab a wooden rail or a spare fixture and attach it to the wall just one tile up from the floor. If the shower base is uneven, tiles will have to be cut to fit the last row. The only way that this can happen without detailed planning and careful measurements is by installing the tile on the floor of the shower first. Then, pick your shower tile and use this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to tile a shower. Make sure that the base floor surface is even and free of any stubborn tile adhesives as a smooth surface is essential to the proper adhesion of the new tiles. However, BAL recommend waiting an extra 24 hours before you start to tile. Tile The Floor Last. Cut the tiles to a necessary size if they don’t fit. Including too many different types of tile in your shower will give it an overwhelming look. Although we said that tile is the base for your bathroom floor, you also can use it for the wall. Use the tile cutter to cut the tile. Determine how much tile you’ll need. And, if you’re going to follow their suit and do the same, check out contractor’s profiles on HireRush.com to find a professional who operates within your local area and specializes in tiling. Take your first tile and line it up so that it’s flush with the edge of the shower base and follows the pattern of the bathroom tiles. In the end I promise you’ll feel more confident tiling a shower and guess what, if you have any questions we’ll answer them! Also, it has to be sturdy enough to be able to hold the tile’s weight. Mark Your Tile Layout. With one end of your level on the drain, put the other against the longest distance to the wall and mark the point where it’s perfectly level. If needed, nail composite shims to the studs behind the board to ensure the fit. Just work your way towards the exit, and not vice versa. Installing tiles on the shower walls is quite beneficial. Check your work with the leveling instrument every once in a while. But, if you’re thinking of installing a tile shower floor, you’ve got some decisions to make when it comes to your method of installation.. 3 Popular choices for a custom shower pan. Use safety goggles and ear protection while installing tile to prevent injury. Press the tile into the mortar gently but firmly, aligned along your board guide. Luxury vinyl tiles in the shower provide the appealing look of real tiles while offering easier installation than regular ceramic tiling. A great option, if you’re aiming for more inexpensive shower wall options, is to integrate some select glass tiles into your porcelain or ceramic tiles for an exciting accent. Avoid having the bottom of the tile flush with the bottom edge of the cement board. Using your spirit level and pencil, mark the line where it will need to be cut. Remove the wall in small sections to prevent injury or accidental damage. You should be aware the shower floor is slightly sloped to ensure that water runs into the drain. After 10 minutes, turn off the water and spray the tiles with a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Once the area has been completely waterproofed, you can tile the wall like any other! Ths will help anchor the subsequent rows. Vinyl tiles come in a convenient 1-by-1-foot size with a self-adhesive backing that makes tiling a shower quick and relatively painless. Soak a sponge in water and wet the tile with it. Use a small amount of the excess mortar and spread it onto the back of a tile with the notched side of the trowel. If you assume that it won’t look good on the wall or that it won’t fit the wall because of the size, it won’t be too late to change the pattern. For instance, glass mosaic tile isn't typically rated to go on the floor, because bathroom floors get slippery. If there's drywall, remove it and plan to replace it with cement backer board to protect the walls from moisture and mold.You can use drywall above the shower head, but anything below the shower head should be lined with cement backer board.. Make sure the studs are in good condition and that everything is mold free. If you aren’t going to lay the tile in a simple and straightforward method, or if you have small tiles reminding mosaic pieces, it’s better to test out the chosen design, measure it once again to see how much space one design segment will occupy on the wall and how many times you’ll have to repeat it. Draw a leveled line where the bottom of the second row will fall. Measure your panels of cement backer board to fit the shower walls on each side. If you’re planning on tiling the shower floor, always tile it last as you don’t want to step on the tile while tiling the rest of the shower. Neutral square tiles on the bathroom walls and floors help keep the space relaxing and make it easy to add accents whenever you want. Press a tile to the wall and remove all the access solution. So, they usually hire a contractor to let him take care of the tiling process, and sometimes they even entrust him with choosing and purchasing all necessary materials on the basis of their general guidelines. I love their subway tiles and the mosaics on the floor. Including application of adhesive, grout, edging strip and cutting. ", Step 4: This space demonstrates a perfect example of using mixed materials (also known as “fusion.”) With ceramic wall tile, porcelain shower wall tile, porcelain floor tile and marble trim pieces, all of these different materials unite in a cohesive way and in a monochromatic color palette to portray a serene spa bathroom. It’s pretty cool to see their shower get an amazing renovation. Mix Thin-Set mortar according to directions. If you have a shower tub, it’s going to be your guideline. Once the bathroom tile has set and cured for 24 hours, remove the tile spacers. The Tile Redi range is extensive, so there should be one to suit your shower size and shape perfectly. Using a runner float, apply grout in small areas at a time. Prepare the thin-set mixture according to the producer’s instructions. Remove the demo debris and use a shop vac to clean up the remaining tile and mortar dust. If there’s old tiles fixed to the wall it’s much easier to start from scratch and remove the whole wall right down to the stud frame. Many thanks to Max for sharing his pictures with us. Cut as needed with tile snips or a wet saw to allow tile pieces a better fit around. For example, if tile is being set on the main shower wall, then leave a 1/8″ expansion joint between the tile edge and adjacent backer board. To begin, remove the top half of the shower drain and plug it with a rag so debris doesn't clog the piping. The tiles come in different sizes, pre-spaced on mats. Just like this one. A poor mortar... 3. ", Step 3: Once the walls are done, let them set and dry for at least 48 hours. Smooth the cut edge. Tiling shower wall coverings doesn’t have to be hard. There are many colors and patterns available on the market that give you endless shower-decorating options. Tiling a shower floor is pretty similar to tiling the shower wall. (Go to Step 7.) These tiles bring in a lot of beauty that you will enjoy while taking a shower. It’s better to hire a professional plumber for that matter to provide secure plumbing system and avoid sudden leakage. For example, choose a mosaic tile size for the shower floor, a larger tile for the walls, and a coordinating texture or design for your shower niche. Glass tiles are really easy to clean – just a spray of a glass cleaner and a soft cloth will do the job, so you can keep your tiling pristine for longer. There are tile installers who have been installing tile for years that have no idea of how to build a shower that does not leak. Seal the gap between the panels with 100 percent silicone. If there’s one spot I’m worried about not holding up, it’s this shower floor. However, BAL recommend waiting an extra 24 hours before you start to tile. I’d love to have this shower in my house!!! So, if you're dealing with four-inch tiles, your batten board would start three inches off the floor. Spread Thin-Set along the first section of your tile row. Opting for tiled shower also gives you an opportunity to come up with interesting and unusual designs or stick to the classical ones, play with color, texture and decor elements. Otherwise, even slight movement can create an irritating, squeaky noise. Apply seam tape and thin-set mortar to seal the gap. Our last tutorial shared tips on how to tile a pebble stone shower floor.Tiling the floor first helps wall tile hide expansion and contraction joints. Continue adding tiles to the row until it is complete. What’s Next. You'll first need to remove your old shower tray and then replace your base frame with one suited to your Tile Redi pan of choice. The fact that you can use ceramic tile for your bathroom’s backsplash, walls, floor, and ceiling, in addition to your shower, makes coordinating simple. Start a new row above the first row and continue setting tile as instructed. Remove the tile adhesive by applying paint remover and scrubbing with a scrub brush. How to Install a Leak Proof Tile Shower. Wall tiles vs. floor tiles. Insert a tile spacer then repeat the process to add the next piece of tile. Measure the top and bottom of the shower wall (ours is 82" long) to … Run a damp sponge over the backer board in the area you intend to tile. Nothing transforms a shower like an attractive tile scheme, from Mediterranean blues to Pacific wood, and no allotted space is too confined or outdated to spruce up in an instant. Regrouting can be done with simple tools and in a few DIY steps. But a very happy afterthought! If your shower’s floor will serve as a pan and you don’t have a built-in tub, then don’t cover the space below the guideline just yet. But, if you’re going to opt for a built into the floor shower pan (just poured concrete), then you may totally skip that part. Before cleaning shower tiles, run the shower on a high temperature to open the tile’s pores and make them easier to clean. Stone mosaic tile on this walk-in shower's back wall draws your eye as soon as you enter the bathroom. The white is the suggested use of my contractor who says he typically matches the shower step to the wall. A batten board is nothing more than a 1"x4" or 1"x2" board screwed directly into the wall horizontally. Once the second coat is dry, this will be fully waterproof and ready to tile onto. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. When installing tile in a shower, the rule usually is to lay the floor first so there's little chance the water dripping from the walls would seep through the floor tiles edges. If needed, use a hammer, chisel and a prybar. Photography by Nigel Rigden. The Brick Wall for Attic Bathroom Tile countryliving.com . But, if you’re a dedicated DIY-er, I’ll give you a step-by-step guideline to help you tile the shower using minimum professional assistance. Mix up your desired grout color according to manufacturer directions. If you want the floor and wall tiles to match, make sure the floor tiles are correctly rated and use them for the walls as well. Allow to set for seven minutes, then mix again. Professional tile contractors rarely stick them to the walls directly. I was so focused on the floor and walls that the shower was kind of an afterthought. Once only the bottom row is remaining, remove the support board. Allow the first row to dry and cure overnight. Install a 4-mil plastic vapor barrier according to manufacturer instructions just above the shower pan before installing the cement backer board. Turn over the trowel to the notched side and comb over in one direction. Leave about a half inch of overlap on each tile. Many thanks to Max for sharing his pictures with us. It’s probably the best decision if you need to get the job done qualitatively and quickly, without having to spend money on tools or time on the remodeling process. Tile Redi shower pans are designed to replace your plastic shower tray and act as a suitable base for tiles. Bathtub choosing guide: types and features, 9 steps to install a new toilet without calling a plumber, How to build a wood-burning brick outdoor fireplace, Day and night tips for crochet braids maintenance, How to build a tree house | kid’s edition, 6 Best Websites to Find a Babysitting Job, Kitchen design: planning a restaurant layout, basic builder’s necessities (bucket, electric screwdriver, safety glasses and mask, measuring tape, leveling instrument and a pencil). Shower tiles should have a 1/8″ joint between their edge and backer boards or adjacent tiles. The result is beautiful bathroom tile ideas. Tile Installation Cost. Learning how to tile a shower wall isn’t hard…but it does require preparation. Also, if you’re tiling a ceiling in the shower X77 is a fantastic option. Combine tiles of different colors so that you can get a bathroom with a distinguishable look. A foolproof method of how to tile a shower is to draw a full-scale template of each wall on rosin paper (Figure A and Photo 1). 2. They usually create a frame out of fixtures by screwing them onto the walls at regular intervals and attach the boards to that ‘skeleton’. Floor tiles come in more colors, shapes, sizes, and textures than wall-only tiles. ", Step 2: This is because the wall tile needed to line up all around to our shower curb, and the curb needed 1 ½ pieces of tile. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Step 1: Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com.

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