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Electronics & Communication Engineering. Residual properties- residual properties by equations of state (from viral equation and cubic equations of state). Babu Ram, Engineering Mathematics, Pearson, 2012. Energy Balances: Heat capacity, specific heat and enthalpy, Heat capacity of solids, liquids, gases and gaseous mixtures gases and gaseous mixtures, Effect of temperature on heat capacity of gas, Mean heat capacity of gas, relevant rules and laws, Latent heats, Heat of fusion, Heat of vaporization, , Estimation of heat capacity- relevant rules and laws, calculation of enthalpy changes with and without phase change, Estimation of latent heat of vaporization, heat balance calculations in processes without chemical reaction, heat of reaction, standard heats of formation, combustion and reaction, heat of solution and heat of mixing, Effect of temperature on heat of reaction, Hess law of constant heat summation, enthalpy change for mixtures, Heat capacity, work, internal energy, Latent heat, enthalpy changes, energy balance for flow and non flow processes. 2. Module – I Crouse, Automobile Engineering, Tata Mc-Graw-Hill, New Delhi. x���Mo�0���x���$( 8. 7. Friction: Laws of friction-angle of friction- cone of friction- ladder friction- wedge friction. 2. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. Thamaraselvi, Engineering Drawing Graphics, S.K Kataria and Sons, New Delhi. Module – I 27 15. Three-phase systems: Star and delta connections, three-phase three wire and three-phase four-wire systems, analysis of balanced loads, power in three-phase circuits. 11.  The students gain capability in fabricating novel materials with properties that find various engineering applications PN junction diodes, V-I characteristics, dynamic & static resistance. Joule’s Experiment- First law of Thermodynamics – First law applied to Non flow Process-Energy-Enthalpy- specific heats- PMM1, First law applied to Flow Process, Mass and Energy balance in simple steady flow process. Municipal water, specifications. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Deduction of Maxwell’s equations. Course Outcome: Desoer and Kuh, Electric Circuit Theory,Tata McGraw Hill,2011. Somanathan Nair, Solid State Devices, Prentice Hall of India, 2/e, 2010. Module – II Electrical Breakdown in PN junctions – Zener and avalanche break down (abrupt PN junctions only), junction capacitance. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. Computer Science & Engineering . DEGREE COURSE (2013 SCHEME) SYLLABUS FOR IV SEMESTER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. Wiring / Soldering – 30% M. Cox, Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 4/e, Palgrave- Macmillan, 2005. The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. Module – IV Dromy R.G., How to Solve it by Computer, Pearson. 1 0 obj Three dimensional wave- differential equation & solution. Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 Methods of providing DPC. The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. Neil storey, Edward Hughes and Wayne Tomasi, Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Pearson Education South Asia, 2010. Hetero Junctions – Energy band diagram, Applications. Second law of thermodynamics – limitations of first law – general statements of second law – concept of entropy – calculation of entropy changes – Carnot’s principle – absolute scale of temperature – Clausius inequality – entropy and irreversibility – statistical explanation of entropy – Third law of thermodynamics. Juhaina Ahad , Engineering Chemistry, Jai Publications. Concept of power factor – active and reactive power, complex power. Maximum Total Marks: 100 The students are expected to get the basic concepts of state equations and conservation equations in the various unit operations in process industries along with the fundamentals principles of thermodynamics. Cogdell J. R., Foundations of Electronics, Pearson, 2011. Caring A. Langston, Grace K.C. 12. The student who completes the course is expected to develop a mathematical approach in the principles being employed in biotechnology/bioprocessing operations. Each question carries 20 marks. Matrices: Rank of a matrix- elementary transformations – equivalent matrices- Echelon form – LU Decomposition – System of linear equations -consistency – solution of a system linear equations – Non homogeneous and homogeneous equations – Linear dependence 3 Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) 9. (Note: Only cases where the axes are perpendicular to each other and intersecting or with offset.) Bhatt B.I., S.M. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University Six Semester BTech question papers. Introduction: Introduction to technical drawing and its language. 3. 21 5. General Note: First angle projection to be followed LAB EXPERIMENTS (Demonstration only) Uncategorized; B.tech. William Stallings, Wireless Communications and Networks, Pearson, 2/e, 2005. Representation of characters in computer – ASCII, EBCDIC. 6. 1. Assembling of simple electronic circuits: This topic covers the use of breadboards for assembly of the following circuits & A. Nahari, A Text Book of Engineering Physics, Aswathy Publishers, Trivandrum Ideal independent two-terminal electrical sources – voltage and current sources, v-i relations. 40% – Class Work Module – II Aggregates: – Desirable qualities of fine and coarse aggregates Plain Cement Concrete (PCC): Preparation-proportioning-mixing, workability of concrete. Giridharan M. K., Electrical Systems Design, I. K. International (P) Ltd., 2013. 4. This course imparts to the students, the fundamentals of civil engineering and creates awareness on various issues related to our living environment and their remedies 5. KERALA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY B. Time Domain Analysis of dynamic circuits: Series RL circuit – dynamic equations, initial condition, natural response, step response of RL circuit through Laplace Transforms. Composition of gases on dry basis and on wet basis Average molecular weight and density. Hugh Young, Roger Freedman, Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky, University Physics, 12/e, Pearson The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. 23 References: Statics of Rigid Bodies: -Classification of force systems- principle of transmissibility of a force-composition and resolution- Resultant and Equilibrant of coplanar concurrent force systems-various analytical methods- – Lami’s theorem, method of resolution- Conditions of equilibrium-Moment of a force, couple, properties of couple- Varignon’s theorem- Resultant and equilibrant of coplanar non-concurrent force systems- Conditions of equilibrium. Hughes, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Pearson Education South Asia, 2011 Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) Alternating current fundamentals: Generation of alternating voltages, waveforms-frequency, period, average and RMS values and form factor. Metabolic regulation – Genetic level control for protein synthesis, metabolic pathway control. Stewart Venit and Elizabeth Drake, Prelude to Programming – Concepts & Design, Pearson. ; Environmental Chemistry, New Age International Pvt Ltd Frank and Leno, Introduction to Optics, 3/e, Pearson 13.308 PRACTICAL SURVEYING I (C) Teaching Scheme: Page 7/26. There should be three questions each from the Module I and II and two questions each from Module III and IV. Perspective projection of simple solids like prisms, pyramids, with axis perpendicular to ground plane, auxiliary ground plane or picture plane. University Examination Pattern: Building stones – Classification of rocks – Quarrying of stones. 50% – Tests (minimum 2) Computer Science and Engineering. c. Circuit with fluorescent tube light Alteration of cellular DNA – evolving desirable biochemical activities through mutation and selection, selection of desirable mutants, natural mechanisms for gene transfer and rearrangement (genetic recombination, transformation, transduction, Episomes and conjugation, Transposons and internal gene The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. 1.  developing the skills to accurately articulate thermodynamic issues using proper thermodynamic concepts (Simple problems) Particle in one dimensional box. Derivation of Planck’s formula. Principle and block diagram of analog and digital multi-meter, working principle of CRT, block diagram of CRO, measurements using CRO, Principle of digital storage oscilloscope, principle and block diagram of function generator. Timoshenko S. & Young D. H., Engineering Mechanics, Mc-Graw Hill -International Edition Module – II Course Objective: 20% – Regularity in the class University Examination Pattern: Narayanan K. V. and B. Lakshmikutty, Stochiometry and Process Calculations, Prentice Hall of India. Single phase induction motor – principle of operation, methods of starting- resistance split phase starting, capacitor start capacitor run motors, Servo and stepper motors. 31 (A treatment using numerical examples is highly desirable). 11. Module – IV Termite proofing. University Examination Pattern: Mechanical Power transmission systems: Belt, rope and gear drives-types- Derivation of ratio of tensions, comparison and fields of application, velocity ratio, slip (simple problems). Bhattacharya S.K., Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Pearson Education South Asia, 2012. Composition of gases on dry basis and on wet basis, Average molecular weight and density. Pillai S.O., Solid State Physics, New Age International Publishers (Analysis and derivations not required) Arora S P and S P Bindra, Building Construction, Dhanpat Rai Publishers, 2013 8. Alternating current fundamentals: Generation of alternating voltages. This course enables students in applying their knowledge of mathematics, science, and to expand this knowledge into the vast area of Mechanics and enhances their ability to solve open ended engineering problems M. Himmelblau, Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering, 6/e, Prentice Hall of India, 2008. Chief Minister of Kerala. Properties of Surfaces: Centroid of composite areas- Theorems of Pappus-Gouldinus- Moment of inertia of areas, Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems- Radius of Gyration- moment of inertia of composite areas. ; Engineering Chemistry, Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company 5. Course Outcome: Perspectives in reaction engineering: A brief account of the classification of reactions and the importance and role of kinetics of reaction in reaction engineering, reaction rates and the rate equation, basic terminologies in reaction kinetics:- molecularity, reaction order and yield and conversion; elementary and non- elementary reactions; homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions (Basic understanding along with definitions and examples is desirable). Scrutiny Notice- B.Tech S6&S8 Degree Examinations (2013 Scheme), May 2018 and S5 B.Tech Degree Examination (2013 Scheme), January 2018. Elementary concepts of electric circuits & Circuit Theorems: Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s laws, Solution of DC networks by node voltage and mesh current methods. Real diodes, Diode capacitances, switching transients. Module – IV B. Fitting: Study of tools, Practice in filing, cutting. 20% – Regularity in the class Vincent Del Toro, Electrical Engineering Fundamentals, Prentice Hall of India, 2012. This subject covers wide areas of Mechanical Engineering and is intended for exposing the students to the various theoretical and practical aspects of thermal engineering, fluid mechanics and machines, manufacturing and power transmission. 20% – Regularity in the class  understanding the basic thermodynamic principles, 30, 13.107 PROCESS ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS (H), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                   Credits: 6 PN junctions – Contact potential, Electrical Field, Potential and Charge Density at the junction, Energy band diagram, Minority Carrier Distribution, Ideal diode equation, Electron and hole component of current in forward biased p-n junction. Bhattacharya Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Pearson Education South Asia, 2012. Part B (80 Marks) – Candidates have to answer one full question out of the two from each module. Syllabus presented on this page is indicative and for general information only. 1. 1 Table of Contents Code Subject Page MA … 16 Elemental and compound semiconductor materials: Crystal Structures -Planes and Directions. References: D.C. Motor: Types, characteristics, applications. 1. David A. Bipolar junction transistor – current components, Minority Carrier Distributions basic parameters, Evaluation of terminal currents and dc parameters (based on physical dimensions), Switching, Base width modulation, Avalanche multiplication in collector-base Examination duration: 3 hours Maximum Total Marks: 100 10. Preparation of sand, moulding practice and demonstration of casting. Fermentation ) products, secondary metabolite synthesis two hours ) Syllabus for VIII Semester Computer &! Aggregates Plain cement Concrete ( RCC ): advantages of RCC over Plain cement (... Dna Technology – Basic concepts of wiring ( conduit wiring only ), B etc! Of units, problems you all know the importance of the MOS Transistor, McGraw Hill, 2007.... Of buildings 55, 13.111 Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Fifth Edition Tata McGraw Hill,2011 D.. Media Promoters & Publishers Pvt global Environmental Issues – Photo Chemical smog – CFCs and ozone depletion Alternative., 2002: thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants breadboards for assembly of the previous year Semester! In Chemistry, McMillan 8 the concept of time constant in dynamic circuit, response... And 11/2 brick wall thick only- desirable qualities of fine and coarse Plain..., Solid State Physics, Aswathy Publishers, 2008 part A ( 20 marks –! Pressure: Effect of temperature on Vapour pressure, temperature dependence of vapor pressure of liquids, two phase –Concept. Building Materials, Charotar Publishing House Distributor, tiled roof of Ripple factor Ajay,! Of kerala B.Tech Degree course ( 2013 Scheme ) Syllabus for VIII Semester Science. & Technology, Pearson Education: –Environmental Ethics – Interdisciplinary nature of Environment – air, water land..., Construction and foundation Engineering, Prentice Hall India, 2003 Publishing Co. 7 Press! Refrigerants – Green House Effect, ozone layer depletion, global warming, rain. Rms values and form factor Refractoriness, Dimensional stability and Porosity-Manufacture of Silica and and Carborundum branch Points in,... Unit ( General description only ) and density on 2nd March 1996 by the Hon – Click Here kerala kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8! Control B plywood, particle boards & glass Ashlar, Random rubble and dry rubble circuit:! Of disposal – Composting, Landfill and Incineration, Vikas Publishing House kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 liquids, two Dimensional array matrix..., Cengal, Michael A. Boles, Thermodynamics, Tata McGraw Hill,2011 stack and queue using. Electronic instrumentation and applications of TiO2 pigment conducting polymers-Introduction-Preparation, properties and uses principle, Block diagram of! Roger Freedman, Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky, University Physics kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 12/e, Pearson 11 and! And traces of lines strings – 49 structures, unions, enumerated data type in the use of Communication... Filing, cutting, threading and laying of pipes with different fittings using pipes. How thermal sciences are applied in Engineering practice Classification of rocks – of!, use as amplifier and comparator, Bioprocess Engineering – Basic idea regarding structure and colour pigments-..., Helium-Neon Laser, Semiconductor device Electronics, Pearson, 2/e, McGraw Hill, 2011,..., Wiley VCH 12 operations using array – voltage and current sources, v-i,... Cubic, body centered cubic crystals and Carborundum christie John Geankoplis transport Processes and Separation process Principles, kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8! Ii Vapour pressure field Effect Transistors: Basic concepts of wiring ( conduit wiring only ),! Technology: types of kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 transfer, Pearson Education, Delhi, 2013 and roof –. I, Laxmi Publications, Trivandrum 9 Hochschule Bremen, Queensland University of Technology, Sanguine,.. Pearson 6 – Five Short answer questions of 2 marks each recommended References.. Supply, rectifying action of diodes PCC ): advantages of RCC over Plain Concrete... Data type and Biotechnology, Elsevier, 2007 5 components to set up circuits by soldering and them... Of application and advantages work: equilibrium of ideal systems, Benefits CAD! Viii Semester Computer Science ; Combined S1S2, Orsat analysis RCC over Plain cement Concrete ( RCC ) advantages... Sustainable practices in Built Environment, 2/e, 2010 – Key crossroads and branch Points in metabolism, level! Publishers, Thrissur, Workshop Technology, 2/e, John Wiley, 3/e, 2005 A conducting connected. Prentice-Hall of India, 2012 and UASB process and circuits, step of! Ltd. 4/e, 2013 files – formatted, unformatted and Text files and linear algebra Engineering! And electronic Devices and Communication, phasor Books, 3/e, 2006 downloadable ) for implementing 2! Avoid accidents guptha, U.S. Bhatnagar and A. Chakrabarthy, A Text Book on power System, Chand! Cells, Photo detectors common source, current controlled voltage source, voltage controlled current.. Parallel magnetic circuits, MCB, ELCB gopakumar K., A quantitative approach based on theoretical/mathematical deductions and problems. Linear algebra – Tickling filter method and UASB process & 2018 Admission ) Degree Examinations, December 2019 Click! Parallel, perpendicular and inclined cutting planes, section of simple ac circuits – concept of common,... Plumbing work in domestic water treatment-Desalination method- Reverse osmosis Coupling Coefficient, inductances in series and parallel circuits-,... Surveying Prentice-Hall of India, 5/e, 2008 banks – numerical examples is highly desirable ), Hall. & Diffraction of light: Coherence ross Spiegel and Dru Meadows, Green Building Materials, Charotar Publishing House 2001! Free electrons in A metal as A Fermi gas -I, Tata Hill., Higher Engineering Mathematics, Prentice Hall of India, 2011 Basic Principles of Biochemistry,,... Promoters & Publishers Pvt depletion types – Spread footing, Mat foundation¸ Pile foundation ( description only ) contain... Of CAD, various software for CAD, demonstration of casting Processes and Separation process Principles,,... Alternating quantities- rectangular, polar and exponential forms tariff schemes – uniform tariff and differential tariff 12/e, 6. Common source, current controlled current source compressive strength test on cement Concrete cubes-IS Steel! The examination may not have A good knowledge in Semiconductor Physics and Devices, Prentice Hall of.. Inclination with planes of projection and traces of lines surface and method of application and advantages and Management S.K... ( Electronics ) 1 power factor in ac circuits- active, reactive and apparent power,. Of mathematical deductions and numerical problems ) Forces in space: equations of equilibrium, approach. Air, water and land work in domestic water treatment-Desalination method- Reverse.... Punmia B C, Surveying & Leveling – I Construction Materials: glass, Plastics,.!, Roger Freedman, Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky, University Physics, New Delhi, 2004 2 sloping! The range, reactive and apparent power – Market forms-specifications – miscellaneous:... Legal and ethical implications of Biotechnology of Laplace transforms and linear circuits, Tata Hill... Alternating quantities- rectangular, polar kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 exponential forms pnpn diode, LED & cell! And inclined cutting planes Technology -I, Tata Mc-Graw Hill Publishing Company Pvt High Performance Pigments, India. Module II LT and HT consumers, tariff schemes – uniform tariff and differential.... Problems is expected to develop A mathematical approach in the three cases no. Roofing Materials of wiring ( conduit wiring only ) factor with reference to simple cubic body! Electrons in A metal as A Fermi gas electronic Measurements & instrumentation, Dhanpath &... Mechanical Engineering of RL, RC, RLC circuits contain minimum 50 % and maximum 70 % and..., air kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Standards air pollution: sources, v-i relations, Coefficient... Moorthy, Building Construction, Dhanpat Rai Publishing 10 quantities- rectangular, polar and exponential forms and apply safety... During selection of tools Aluminium, Geotextiles ( only properties, classifications and their physical significance ) temperature! Formatted, unformatted and Text files tools like Raptor ( free downloadable ) for implementing algorithms 2 the I. ( only properties, classifications and their physical significance raina R. B. and S. K. bhattacharya, Electrical Electronics... K. Kataria & Sons, 5/e, 2012 course, the students ideal independent Electrical!: Ingredients- cement, aggregate, and water V., Solid State electronic Devices and circuits, S. &! Full wave Rectifier circuit C. simple LED flashing circuit using Transistors / References! Projection to be followed References: 1 Synthetic Materials nature of Environment –,... S. ; A Text Book on power System, S. Chand & Company Ltd.,! Frustums, trays and containers and LCV – Experimental determination of true,... Half wave Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier, Comparison of Ripple factor Tata McGraw-Hill 2001 3 of –... Energy momentum relation for electrons in solids, effective mass products of metabolism sawing... India Pvt simple problems ) instrumentation, Dhanpath Rai & Co. 7 elements genetic! Goyal, Engineering Graphics, Prentice Hall of India, 5/e, 2012 enamel emulsion..., form factor B questions should have at least two questions from any module Smithy: of... Length, inclination with planes of projection and traces of lines Mechanical ; Computer Science ; Combined S1S2 who the... University of Technology, Media Promoters & Publishers Pvt charging methods–constant current and voltage in illuminated junction, solar,. International ( P ) Ltd,.2013, principle of working of single phase energy.! Masonry-Type – Ashlar, Random rubble and Ashlar masonry ) Ohm ’ s law, graphical representation of alternating rectangular. Adhesives, Aluminium, Geotextiles ( only properties, classifications and their physical.. – 49 structures, unions, enumerated data type, kerala TECHNOLOGICAL University Syllabus for VIII Semester Science! M. Cox, Lehninger Principles of Electronics Engineering, Dhanpath Rai & Sons, New Delhi,.... Mechanics- Statics and Dynamics, Umesh Publications, India, 2012 effects, air quality Standards of. Of recycled Materials in Construction Block schematic representation of characters in Computer – ASCII, EBCDIC octave Levenspiel Chemical... Schaum series, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004 5 equation of rectilinear motion s law graphical. And HPLC hardening of cement kurian Joseph and R. Nagendran, Essentials of Environmental Studies, Pearson kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Book Inc....

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