Bed Bug

Bed bugs are six-legged nocturnal insects that feed only on blood, usually that of humans or warm-blooded animals. The most common bed bug, Cimex lectul

arius, is the species most adapted to living with humans. Adult bed bugs appear mahogany to red

in shade and are flat and oval-shaped. They can grow to be no more than ΒΌ inch. Immature bed bugs (nymphs) resemble the adults, but are smaller and somewhat lighter in color and can appear translucent. Because of their morphology, bed bugs can live inside mattresses, baseboards, box springs, headboards, and many other cracks and crevices around the house. Bed bugs can lay 200 to 500 eggs during their lifetime. Under normal room temperatures and with an adequate food supply, bed bugs will typically live up to a total of 316 days.

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